Thursday, April 1, 2010

The latest...

Alright, soo lately I have been extremely confused as to what to do with my summer. There are quite a few options and its driving me nuts...

Option # 1: Go back to work where I worked last summer (Hospital X)
Pros - Pay will be higher, familiar people
Cons- Nothing new to learn.

Option #2: Go work at a new place, Hopital Y
Pros - New people to meet (more networking options), new material to learn.
Cons - Lower pay.

Option # 3: Work at a biotech company
Pros- A lot higher pay than my other two options, new experience (since I've never worked at one before), new people, maybe it would open up more options for a career.
Cons - doesn't add to experience for med school

Option # 4: MQP
Pros- I will get it out of the way and my senior year won't be as hectic
Cons - No $$

So... what should I do?

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