Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Take a chance... what do you have to lose?

Hey to all you late night people who are up right now making those final changes on the resume. I am currently doing the same with mine, so no worries because you are definitely not the only one. So I have been checking on JobFinder to check on how many, and which companies are coming on campus tomorrow, and believe it or not.. there are 109! Yeahh I know... most of them are for engineers. In fact all of them, except for TWO, are coming for other majors besides Biology.

Now you are most likely wondering why I am still bothering to fix up my resume. Well, honestly, I look at it this way... even though there are only two Bio companies coming they are still two options as opposed to no option. So if I want to make myself an option for them I should go the Career Fair, that is being held tomorrow from 1pm to 5pm at Harrington Auditorium. It can't hurt. Can it? Also, if I'm the only biology major who shows up to this Bio company with my resume in hand wouldn't I have a good chance of getting a shot at an internship with them? I like to think so ;)

So yes there are ONLY two companies coming tomorrow, and yes, there is another career fair JUST for science majors, but I think it's worth it to give it a shot. Plus, look at it this way, this Summer Internship & Job Fair can be a practice run for all you bio majors out thereee. When its time for Science Career Fair, you all will be experts on how to present yourself to the employer you want to get hired by!

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